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Signs of a great developer

  • Develops locally (don't crash the site!)
  • Uses version control (track changes!)
  • Specializes (does all the things? RUN!)
  • Personal projects (they're curious & passionate)
  • Anticipates expectations (rare)
  • Contributes to open-source projects
  • Cutting edge:
    • Responsive layouts
    • Web fonts
    • CSS3 transitions
    • No Flash

Things you're not looking for

  • Well-spoken
  • Charismatic
  • Long-winded answers

Reasonable expectations

  • Cross-browser testing (see
  • Staging server, live deploys (see their work as it happens)
  • Things will break!
  • Things should be achievable in any CMS (if they know it well)

Ways to annoy them

  • Tell them the solution (they value creating it!)
  • Beleive they can provide an accurate ETA
  • Say "it doesn't work" (What?! What doesn't work?!)
  • Call

Ways to empower them

  • Be specific
  • Tell them how to recreate your issue
    • What do you see
    • What did you expect
    • What steps can be taken to make it happen again
  • Give them a challenge
  • Ask for their recommended system

Think through the workflow

  • Where to links go?
  • What happens when you hover?
  • What happens when the window gets smaller?
  • What happens when you scroll?

Provide raw files

  • Provide images without crops, resizes, or effects
  • A great developer will find the most efficient way to recreate your ideas using web technologies
    • Allow for animation
    • Allow opacity to change
    • Grayscale or color a single image
    • Load all images from one file
    • Recreate your effect without any images at all
    • For example, no images used. All graphics total one 4kb file.

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